A State Of The Art Manufacturing Facility


Benefits Of Our R&D Center:

  • Our R&D lab allows us to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation, enabling us to create new products and services that keep customers engaged and entertained.
  • We have invested heavily in new equipment and a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers who work round the clock.
  • With a TV R&D lab, we can test new technologies and products before they are released to the public, ensuring that they are of high quality and meet the needs of viewers.


A no touch automated assembly line for TV manufacturing is a highly efficient and precise system that eliminates the need for human interaction during the assembly process. This eliminates the possibility of human error and ensures consistency in product quality. The use of automated equipment also reduces the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. The system is designed to handle large-scale production volumes, making it ideal for mass production of TVs.